How to Create an EXTRAORDINARY Weekend

We traditionally spend Saturdays and Sundays by catching good times with our loved ones. But unfortunately, due to our busy schedules and over dedication to work, we instead treat the weekend as typical days. 

Now, if you are planning to make your Saturdays and Sundays solemn and solely dedicated for your family, these tips will surely help you.

  1. Plot.
    Sometimes, people do not enjoy because they don’t have a concrete plan on what to do. In other words, their Saturdays and Sundays are only wasted. Instead of enjoying good times in the mall, church, or beach with their family, they are just left procrastinating things. If you really want to have a good weekend with your loved ones, then schedule your weekend escapades early on. Otherwise, your love for your family is half-cooked.
  2. Communicate.
    You cannot be happy by just doing the things you believe to be the ‘best.’ Thus, you need to consult your weekend plans with your partner (if you are married), parents, or friends. Remember that if you follow the wants and likes of your family, this will make you truly happy.
  3. Discreet Moments.
    If it is impossible for the family to hang out in the city, you can also have the best weekend at home.  As long as the family members are in tacked, doing simple household chores can be used as perfect bonding time.
  4. Alone.
    Spending the weekend alone is also advisable at times. You can travel to serene places and get back your inner peace of mind. You may also go to different churches or temples and renew your faith to God. 

These are the tips that will surely help you end the busy week with a bang. Always remember to prioritize your family and loved ones since they are the reasons why you keep on fighting day in and day out.

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