Friday, April 18, 2014

My First Experience With BirchBox

As a blogger, it's always been my responsibility to provide honest reviews about products that I, as a mother, use for my family. That's why this blog started in the first place, right? Granted we've moved through the years as Bug has grown from cloth diapers to more parenting-related items, my goal remains the same. While I am sometimes provided with items to review by companies to help their product name reach my readers, I do often times purchase my own items to review for you. As in this instance, where I subscribed to BirchBox.

BirchBox is more of a "lifestyle" box that sends you around 5 samples a month, and when you review those samples you can earn points. You can also earn points by referring new customers to BirchBox with your referral link. These points are as good as cash in the BirchBox store. Neat concept, right?

I subscribed recently with a code that was shared with me, to earn points upon signup. I used code BB100 which was giving people 200 points upon sign up. Anyone not familiar with their points system, this equals out to $20 to use in their store. Heck of a deal! At least if I didn't like their box, I could go ahead and have some extra "cash" to spend on something I did like from them!

Unfortunately, three days after I subscribed, BirchBox removed 100 points from my account, with no explanation. 

Upon personal deduction (since the removal was labeled as an "Upload Error" in my account) I concluded that the code was only supposed to give 100 points. But BirchBox wasn't notifying customers before taking the points back, or offering an explanation, or an apology. Just taking points. 

I have emailed for a concrete explanation, with no response.

I have posted to their Facebook page, with a request for my phone number to help me take care of this. I am however, sad to say, that I am still waiting on that phone call. 

Of course once I decided to share my experience, their customer service did help me. Thank you to Cara, who initially called me back but my phone rejected the call since it came up as UNKNOWN, and to Taylor, who took care of my points issue when I returned Cara's call. BirchBox returned my points without hesitation, but I never did receive an explanation as to why they were removed in the first place. I do feel better about their customer service right now, but it did take a while for them to get back to me when others were getting immediate results. 

I understand when companies make a mistake. Honestly, I do! All companies are ran by people, and people are not perfect, no matter how hard they may try. However, it is my opinion that the way they handled this mistake was wrong. Punishing a new customer without an explanation or apology for your mistake is wrong no matter how you look at it. 

I do look forward to receiving my first box from them, but I also hope that I have a better experience if I ever need to contact their customer service team in the future. 

If you would like to try BirchBox for yourself, you are welcome to use my referral code found by clicking here. Please use code BB100 at checkout for a free 100 points ($10) to use in the BirchBox shop.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are 100% my own. I was not paid for this post, nor was I compensated in any way. This post contains a referral link. 


  1. I don't know that I would of been so patient and it would make me skeptical to stay with a company that had that much of a lack of customer caring as this one.

  2. I am with ginny101. I don't think I could stick with a company that has such poor customer service. Love your honesty, BTW.

  3. I have been with Birchbox for almost 2 years, no problems. Every company out there makes mistakes, as we are all Muggles. :)