Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sick Baby

 Poor Gabe had a fever of 102.1 Sunday night he was so sad! I wouldn't be happy being sick either, but I had to try very hard not to cry for my baby. I hate seeing him so miserable! Luckily by the next morning he had a very mild fever and was acting like his regular self.

Gabe has only really been sick one other time, and that was two years ago. That's pretty good compared to how often I was sick when I was little, but I still wish it would just never happen!

Anyone have any tips to help soothe a sick baby that I can keep in mind for (the inevitable) next time? Maybe someone else has a sick baby right now and is as frantic as I was? **oops** Yeah, I was a frantic mama...

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  1. I remember those days when my children were sick and I was frantic, it's normal to feel that way. I now have my grandchildren over and feel the same way at times when they get sick. My granddaughter feels comforted with an icepack wrapped in a hand towel placed on her tummy. I keep several in the freezer for toothaches when the older granddaughter losing her baby teeth due to her new ones coming in.