Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Return of Diaper Rash, Part 1


But seriously, I hate diaper rash. Ever since Bug had staph infection so many months ago, I've been more OCD than usual with laundry... and ever worse with diaper laundry. I've converted our diaper stash to mostly bumGenius Elementals because I grew tired of stuffing and un-stuffing and wondering how clean all those man-made fibers really were.
Last week, the apartment's top-loader broke, and with a serious fear of the front-loader not getting the BGE's clean enough, I soaked them all on the tub, ran them through the front-loader on hot and put them away. For the past week all I've used are flats. The simplest, most easy to clean diaper available, and we now have diaper rash. Maybe it's because J fed Bug a whole banana and his poop became so acidic that it irritated his skin raw. Maybe something was stuck in his diapers. I don't know. Bug's 9 month check-up was yesterday, and his Dr showed no concern and said it looked like it was healing nicely. 
This morning Bug woke up with a raw, bloody butt. After much panicking, crying, and numerous phone calls, I got him an appointment with the clinic's pediatrition this afternoon.


The suggestion was made to me by some online mama's to stop using PUL and only use wool (or possibly fleece). Does anyone else have a "cure" for diaper rash?

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  1. We had the same problem; a recurring rash that was bloody and raw. I started using only water on my cloth wipes and switched from RnG to a "mainstream" detergent. That helped, but my mom actually suggested the "cure" for diaper rash. There is a cornstarch baby powder from Johnson's that is medicated with zinc oxide. My mom said, "Since you can't use diaper rash ointment with CDs, why don't you try that?" And it has worked beautifully. Every time I see some irritation from acidic foods or runny poop, I put some (a lot) of powder on him and it clears up by the next diaper change. That helped us more than anything else we have tried, even tons of diaper rash cream and disposables. I hope it helps you too. Plain cornstarch will work also, if you don't want to buy the powder.