Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guess Who's 6 months Old Today!

I felt my heart beat a little faster and my head feel a little lighter when I woke up this morning and realized how old Buggie was this morning! Yikes! lol
It's been an exciting past couple weeks with Bug starting to crawl and a third bottom tooth poking through. He's babbling more, and so much more active (which I really wasn't expecting right now). His hair is getting longer, and in some spots he really needs it cut (say hello to "Papa's New Hair" fund).

This also means we're 6 months away from the Winter Baby Birthday Bash. I know it's a way's away yet, but we are still accepting sponsors.  We're looking for anything that is for mama's or little one's! Please, feel free to contact me at babyandthechis{at}gmail{dot}com if you're interested!


  1. =) Thank you mama! Following you back!

  2. Time flies! Our little one is turning 1 this Wednesday! I am your newest follower hope you will follow me back